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To provide high quality midwifery care, for families in Beaumont and surrounding areas of southeast Texas. Providing natural birth in the hands of well trained, competent, and caring staff. We provide an alternative to standard obstetrical care for for low risk women.


We look forward to a time when many more women in the Beaumont area will enjoy normal, natural birth in a home-like atmosphere. We strive to maintain excellent relationships with local medical centers and physicians, in order to provide seamless transfers to the hospital when necessary. We want to provide prenatal education to promote healthy pregnancies, support for normal birth, and breastfeeding assistance to women in southeast Texas.


We believe in the very best education and training for our staff. Our midwife and support staff have excellent educational backgrounds and provide continuing education for work in a birth center setting. We believe in evidence based care. We treat our clients respectfully and as an essential part of our team. We welcome people from all backgrounds to use our services.

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Evidence Based Birth

Jackie Griggs, CNM, is an Evidence Based Birth Instructor since 2017. She highly recommends the information found at the Evidence Based Birth® website below. We are lucky to have information and access to the latest research concerning birth and babies that has been compiled into an easy to use source. Her midwifery practice is based on evidence based research and she uses these references frequently.

Choose a great beginning for you and your baby

Get in Touch

​The best way to reach us is by phone during normal business hours. (8am-5pm weekdays)

(409) 730-7076


E-mails are also welcome, and we will respond ASAP.

The birth center is located at 1357 Broadway in Beaumont, TX.

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