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Whole Mother Radio Show

The Whole Mother Radio Show is a radio program that is aired weekly from Houston. Listen on KPFT, 90.1, FM, every Monday from 8 pm Mondays, or anytime online at Set a reminder on your phone to listen every Monday. Don’t miss it! 


We are so lucky to have this wonderful resource on the radio in Houston, and available anytime online. Hosted by legendary midwife, Pat Jones.

Before you have your baby, listen to some of the outstanding programs listed below. So much good information- especially for a first time mom! There are many more great interviews besides these-including several interviews with Jackie Griggs. 

  • Birthing From Within 

  • Birth Center Safety with Jackie Griggs, Mary Love

  • Breastfeeding with Suzanne Juel

  • Birth Plans with Debbie Hull 

  • Baby Wearing with Angelique Geehan 

  • Dr. Stuart James Fischbein and his study of Homebirth 

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