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Birth Care

“Birth Care” describes everything we do to support a woman during labor and childbirth. Every mother receives individualized care during labor. At the birth center, all women and babies can be in a supportive atmosphere, fully centered on their birth experience.

Birth Center birth for low risk women in the Southeast Texas area.
Home birth is available on an individual and limited basis.

  • We develop a birth plan with you in the latter weeks of your pregnancy to make sure we are all in agreement with your vision of an ideal birth.

  • We are dedicated to high quality, respectful, safe care during your labor and birth.

  • We monitor your infant’s heart tones regularly, as well as your vital signs.

  • We strive to keep the atmosphere relaxed and encouraging.

  • We ask you to make sure everyone invited to help with your birth is supportive and in agreement with the way you have chosen to give birth.

  • Just like prenatal visits, we welcome your chosen support persons during your birth process.

  • Big, roomy tub

  • Birth ball / Birth stool

  • Emergency supplies

  • Cool drinks, popsicles and light snacks

  • Towels, linens, sanitary pads and diapers

  • Rocking chair

  • Massages oils and aids

  • Candles

  • Waiting rooms for family and friends

Postpartum Care


Your care does not end with the birth of your baby.

Within one to two days of birth, your midwife makes a home visit to provide comprehensive follow-up care for you and your newborn. 

Office visits are scheduled for mother and baby at 2 weeks and 6 weeks postpartum. The midwife will make sure you are off to a good start with breastfeeding and is available to provide additional support at any time. 

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